Bocce Meeting Minutes

  • Bocce dues for this year will $ 20.00 dollars per person. Funds will be used for year banquet and expenses during the season.
  • 12 teams are committed to play and will be a 13th team will be allowed to play if organized before April 1, 2024. Schedule will be finalized before April 1, deadline.  If you know any players that would like to play, please contact Larry Morris at 304-816-6360 or Nicky Cinalli at 304-657-5663.
  • Season play will begin on Monday April 8, 2024 and the Championship Game will be on Friday October 4, 2024.  Same playoff format as last year. Top two teams get a bye with 3 vs 6 and 4vs 5 on Monday September 30, the winners will play on Wednesday October 2 with 1st seed playing winner of 4 vs 5 and 2nd seed playing winner of 3 vs 6.  Championship game will be played Friday October 4, 2024.
  • Team Captains, please get a roster of your players and contact information to Larry Moris 304- 816- 6360 or email Larry at   this will allow substitute players to be found more effectively.
  • Special thanks go to the court workers in getting the courts ready for play.  Please contact A.J. Romino 304-657-6588 or Larry Morris to help with future work parties.

Have a great season.

Nicky Cinalli